Glossary J

The food glossary +++ 'Jus lie', 'Jalapeño', 'Jing leed'
Jim is a Thai term which means "dip in", that is to dip the food into a sauce , as in many nam jim recipes or food found in Thailand, like the Zamosas I tasted in Bangkok streets and hotels
Juet is a Thair term that means "bland" or " tasteless".
In Thailand, Chinese-style soups are called "bland" soups, like Gaeng Jued Wunsen (Noodle Soup) or Nam

Jar yue yuen also known as Fried fish balls, a kind of dim sum made of bite-size balls of white-fleshed fish which deep-fried and serve with diffrent kinds of sweet and/or sour sauces

Jian dui also known as Sesame seed ball is a variety of dim sum that is traditionally made for and serve during Chinese New Years.

Jiu is a Chinese term for wine or alcoholic beverages. In China, alcoholic beverages, called jiu, are usually referred to as

Jagra de ovos refers to the he most popular dessert found in Macau which actually a sweet egg tart

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