Kahvalti is the Turkish word for "Breakfast". Kahvalti has originated from two (2) words: "kahve alti” which literally means "under coffee” or "before coffee”, since traditional Turkish coffee is usually drunk after breakfast or in the afternoon. Kahvalti time means breakfast time when in Turkey and it is usually consists of black tea for those who like to drink tea. Other foods served during Kahvalti include: white cheese (similar to Feta of Greece), Kasar cheese (a pale yellow cheese made of sheep’s milk), black and green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, hard -boiled eggs, Sucuk (Turkish sausage seasoned with garlic and spices), Pastirma (similar to prosciutto or pastrami), Tereyag (butter), honey, Kaymak (cream), jam, Börek (pastry), Menemen (Turkish omlette made with tomatoe, pepper and eggs), Simit (Turkish sesame bagel) and warm and freshly baked Ekmek (bread). Bread has an extremely important place in Turkish cuisine and even though there are different types of breads, it is mostly Somun (leavened and baked loaf bread) that is served fro breakfast. Jams are made from different kinds of fruits such as, cherry, peach, orange, strawberry, mulberry etc. Sometimes other varieties of cheeses are served, like those with herbs and spices. For those who likes a more filling and hot breakfast, some Turkish serves soup, too.

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