Glossary M

The food glossary +++ 'Moa Tunupau', 'Masi', 'Mustasa'
Macedonian sausage refers to a Greek-style fresh sausage made with ajvar, a sweet and hot pepper sauce popular throughout the Balkans.

Ajvar is pronounced "eye-var"

McIntosh apple is a variety of apple which is juicy, slightly tart, yet very aromatic with white flesh and a rather tough skin that is two-toned red and green coloring. It's a favorite apple

Mahon is a traditional, unpasteurised cow's milk Cheese produced on the island of Minorca off the northeast coast of Spain.

Mebbin green is a finger lime variety which is the consistently largest finger lime identified.

Mirin refers to a Japanese sweet alcohol made from mochigome and komekoji (yeast).

Muk refers to a Korean food of firm jelly made of acorn, mung bean, or buckwheat starch.