Glossary M

The food glossary +++ 'Moa Tunupau', 'Masi', 'Mustasa'
Miu Kua Lu refers to Chinese wine with the Essence of roses. It is an expensive wine

Melomakarona also known as Christmas honey sweet refers to a Greek cake which are traditionally served at Christmas

Maccheroni alla chitarra refers to an egg pasta that is made with a chitarra, a rectangular beech-wood frame, over which fine metal strings, like those on a guitar, are stretched.

Minchi refers to one of the popular Macau or Macanese dishes made of minced beef with fried potatoes, soy, onions and a fried egg.

Manzanilla refers to a Spanish very dry, aged amber colored sherry with a nutty flavor.

Menestra refers to a Spanish vegetable and meat casserole.