Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Sampinit', 'Sisig', 'Sinigang'
Siling Bilog is a generic term in the Philippines for any form of bell pepper. Siling Bilog literally means "round pepper". Sili is pepper and Bilog is round.

Silver Tequila refers to thestandard quality of Tequila, silver sees little or no oak aging .

Silverside is a culinary term in Great Britain that refers to a cut of beef that is taken from the crown of the rump.

Simmer is a culinary term that means to cook food in a liquid just below the boiling point.

Singapore Sling refers to a kind of cocktail that possibly originated from Singapore that is made with gin, cherry brandy and lemon juice, topped with soda water.

Singer is a French culinary term that means " to sprinkle flour or sugar on a food".