Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Salmi de canard', 'Shakareeshi', 'Sultans'
Salmi refers to a fricassée or stew comprised of feathered game meat or game birds in a wine sauce .

Sand Dab refers to a Pacific ocean fish with sweetly tinged flesh. Sand Dab is low in fat.

Saucisses Lyonnais refer to a French oven-cooked pork sausages that is served with mashed potato and light or onion gravy. It is one of the foods from Lyonnais, where the name "Saucisses Lyonnais" was derived. It is also known as Saucisse de Lyon or Saucisse a Lyon

Screwdriver is a classic cocktail of vodka and orange juice.

Scrod refers to a young cod, under one (1) kilogram in weight. Cod is a kind of fish.

Shell Steak is another term for New York Steak .