Glossary S

Surkal refers to the Norway dish made of cooked shredded cabbage smoothed with a cream sauce sharpened with a splash of vinegar and then sprinkled with black caraway seeds.

Syltete Rodbeter refers to a Norwegian salad of pickled beets, frequently garnished with hard -cooked eggs.

Saankase refers to Switzerland's cooked, pressed, hard , pressed cheese made from cows' milk from two (2) successive milkings. Saankase is made into large orange discs, aged up to five (5) years, and prized as a dessert or grating cheese for its mellow fragrant flavor.

Sabe B'harat Makhlootah refers to a classic ground spice blend that consists of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, white pepper, black pepper and coriander . Sabe B'harat Makhlootah is used extensively throughout the Middle East.

Sauternes refers to the wine-making district in France's Bordeaux region, famous for its complex, sweet wines made from grapes effected by botrytis which has also the same name - Sauturne. Sauternes also refers to a sweet, golden wine produced in the same region.

Sbrinz refers to a whole-milk cheese from a cow with its origins in Switzerland. It is hard cheese, yellow, flavorful and is very mellow and tangy. It is the oldest of the Swiss cheeses that has its origin in Roman times. Sbrinz is aged from 18 months to 3 years. The softer younger versions of Sbrinz are known as Spalen.