Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Sampinit', 'Sisig', 'Sinigang'
Schabzieger refers to a fat free, hard cheese from Switzerland made from skimmed cows' milk. It has a pungent flavor, very spicy in taste and has a green hue which is due to the addition of fenugeek as an ingredient. Schabzieger cheese looks like a small truncated cone.

Scotch Woodcock refers to a savory of creamy scrambled eggs on toast with anchovies. It is a British/Scottish breakfast treat which is essentially scrambled eggs on toast with a bit of anchovy. In Victorian and Edwardian Scotland times, Scotch Woodcock was popular. This savory dish was served at the end of a five (5) or six (6) course meal, nowadays it would likely be served as a starter or a light snack. Scotch woodcock (Brit.) A savory of creamy scrambled eggs on toast with anchovies. This savoury dish was popular in Victorian and Edwardian Scotland. It was served at the end of a meal then, now you would be more likely to serve it as a starter or a light snack.

Scrapple refers to a Pennsylvania Dutch dish that is made from the finely chopped or ground leftover pieces (scraps) of cooked pork and offal that are mixed with finely-ground cornmeal, sage, pork broth and seasonings before being cooked into a mush. The mush is packed into loaf pans (cooked like meatloaf) and cooled. Slices of the scrapple are then cut and fried in butter. Scrapple is served hot usually for breakfast or brunch. A good Scrapple, particularly served with a spicy tomato catsup is food for the gods. Scrapple is said or rumored to be America's very first pork product. It is easy to fin it in many diners and breakfast spots in Philidelphia.

Szárnyasok is the Hungarian word for "poultry", as in chicken, hen, pheasant, etc.

Saucisse is the French word for "sausage" which are fresh and have to be cooked, like Saucisse de Porc, Saucisse Seche, and many other other sausages found in France

Sapphire Potato refers to a variety of potato; a spectacular purple potato with rich purple flesh that maintains its color when cooked. Sapphire Potato makes the most striking mashed potato.