Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Sampinit', 'Sarciadong Hiwas', 'Siomai'
Scrapple refers to a Pennsylvania Dutch dish that is made from the finely chopped or ground leftover pieces (scraps) of cooked pork and offal that are mixed with finely-ground cornmeal, sage, pork broth and seasonings before being cooked into a mush. The mush is packed into loaf pans (cooked like meatloaf) and cooled. Slices of the scrapple are then cut and fried in butter. Scrapple is served hot usually for breakfast or brunch. A good Scrapple, particularly served with a spicy tomato catsup is food for the gods. Scrapple is said or rumored to be America's very first pork product. It is easy to fin it in many diners and breakfast spots in Philidelphia.

Shave Ice is a Hawaiian dessert of shaved ice drenched in a fruit syrup, the gourmet version of a snow cone. Shave Ice is Hawaii’s snow cone made famous by Matsumoto’s Grocery Store in historic Haleiwa town on Oahu’s North Shore.

Short Ribs refer to a popular cut of meat from beef cattle, a part of the beef rib beside the vertebrae. It is also described as the rib ends of beef between the rib roast and the plate. Short Ribs, likewise refer to rectangles of beef about 2 inches by 3 inches, usually taken from the chuck cut that consisted of layers of fat and meat and contain pieces of the rib bone. The meat comes in thick pieces, attached to wide pieces of bone. Short ribs are a quite tough cut of beef that is easy to find at any good butcher, hence they require slow, long, moist-heat cooking as in a French classic beef stew called Pot-Au-Feu , and Galbi Jjim (Galbijjim) which is a Korean dish of braised short ribs simmered over a long period. Short ribs can also be grilled or broiled, as in Korea's Sogalbi -Gui in which the short ribs are marinated and grilled over charcoal. Beef short ribs are larger and usually more tender and meatier than the pork counterpart which is called Pork Spare Ribs.

Serai is the Malaysian and Indonesian word for "Lemon Grass" or "Lemongrass ". In Indonesia, Serai is also called Sereh.

Serbuk Kunyit is the Malaysian word for "Turmeric Powder"

Sea bread refers to a hard biscuit or bread made with only flour and water. It is also called a sea biscuit, sea bread, ship biscuit, pilot bread, or hardtack.