Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Sampinit', 'Sisig', 'Sinigang'
Strip steak is another term for New York steak . Strip steak is a beef steak cut from a boneless loin.

Stock Cubes mean Bouillon cubes in Great Britain.

Soljanka also known as Solyanka or Solianka refers to a Russian thick spicy soup containing fish, meat or mushrooms. Pickled cucumbers are used in the dish and also cabbage, cream, dill and mushrooms.

Surkal refers to the Norway dish made of cooked shredded cabbage smoothed with a cream sauce sharpened with a splash of vinegar and then sprinkled with black caraway seeds.

Syltete Rodbeter refers to a Norwegian salad of pickled beets, frequently garnished with hard -cooked eggs.

Szárnyasok is the Hungarian word for "poultry", as in chicken, hen, pheasant, etc.