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The food glossary +++ 'Sampinit', 'Suman', 'Seonji'
Stamppot refers to Dutch foods made of pureed potatoes, vegetables served with smoked sausage. Moreover, Stamppot refers to a simple dish consisting of mashed potatoes with different ingredients, such as carrots (Wortel Stamppot), Kale (Boerenkook Stamppot) or Endive (andijvie Stamppot). It is generally served together with Rookworst , a juicy smoked sausage

Satay Daging refers to skewered marinated beef which is one of the foods in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam where Indonesian food is available and offered in many restaurants and eateries. The Dutch have generally a good knowledge about Indonesian cuisine.

Shabbat is the weekly Sabbath or day of rest in Judaism and Messianic or Hebraic Christianity, symbolizing the seventh day in Genesis, after the six days of creation. Shabbat is a Hebrew term referring to the Sabbath, the day of rest; the seventh day of the week. Shabbat begins at sundown Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. Shabbat is also known in Yiddish as Shabbos.

- Satsuma (Japanese) Plum : Satsuma Plum refers to a Japanese plum variety which has medium to large, round, dark red fruit with a small pit. The firm, very juicy fruit has a sweet flavor that is excellent for frest eating, cooking or baking, canning or preserves. Satsuma was introduced in 1899 by the famous plant breeder, Luther Burbank.

Salmuera is the Spanish word for brine. It simply means basting or curing with brine for some days with a concoction of salt and water. Salmuera con Ajo is already a variation of Salmuera by adding in the salt and water mixture some garlic pieces for added flavor.

Sapphire Potato refers to a variety of potato; a spectacular purple potato with rich purple flesh that maintains its color when cooked. Sapphire Potato makes the most striking mashed potato.

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