Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Sampinit', 'Sisig', 'Sinigang'
Scrapple refers to a Pennsylvania Dutch dish that is made from the finely chopped or ground leftover pieces (scraps) of cooked pork and offal that are mixed with finely-ground cornmeal, sage, pork broth and seasonings before being cooked into a mush. The mush is packed into loaf pans (cooked like meatloaf) and cooled. Slices of the scrapple are then cut and fried in butter. Scrapple is served hot usually for breakfast or brunch. A good Scrapple, particularly served with a spicy tomato catsup is food for the gods. Scrapple is said or rumored to be America's very first pork product. It is easy to fin it in many diners and breakfast spots in Philidelphia.

Sharba Libiya refers to a spiced lamb and tomato soup, one of Libya's specialties.

Somsa refers to a cheese from Kazakhstan.

Slasticarnica is the Croatian word for "pastry shop".

Sorpa refers to Kazakhtan's mutton broth served in bowls called Kese. Sorpa is usually served with other Kazakht dishes, such as Naren and Kinta.

Shoti refers to Georgia's white leavened bread. It is one of Georgia's baked products that brought them pride.