Glossary A

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Assiette is the French for plateF or platter, also in common English use it means a selection of the same ingredient prepared different ways, such as an assiette of pork.

Anchois is the French word for "Anchovy", a kind of marine fish not longer than 20 cm (8 inches) with a greenish-blue back and silver sides, related to the herring. Anchois is pronounced "ahn-shwah".

Ankerstock refers to a typ of spice bread, or gingerbread from Scotland. Ankerstock is known to have been made as early as the1800's. It is typically prepared with rye flour and flavored with dried currants.

Avocado Fuerte refers to a variety of Avocado which has a dark green glossy skin with pale raised spots. It is buttery in texture with a good flavor and has a medium-sized stone.

Arenque Ahumado is the Spanish word for "Smoked herring", usually served as an appetiter (entremeses)

Anise étoilé is the French term for "star anise". In France, star anise is also called Badiane or Anis étoilé.