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Deutsch: Achar / Español: Achar / Português: Achar / Français: Achar / Italiano: Achar

Achar is a term used to describe a variety of pickled foods, prevalent in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, and parts of Southeast Asia. It consists of a wide range of vegetables and fruits, pickled in an assortment of spices, oils, and vinegar, creating a distinctive, flavorful condiment. Achar is renowned for its ability to enhance the taste of meals by adding a spicy, tangy, or sweet flavor, depending on the ingredients used.

Aeppelwoi --->Äppelwoi

English: Potato / Deutsch: Kartoffel / Español: Patata / Português: Batata / Français: Pomme de terre / Italiano: Patata /

"Ardappel" is a variation of the word "Aardappel," which is Dutch for "potato." In the food context, potatoes are a staple food in many parts of the world and are used in a vast array of dishes. They belong to the Solanum tuberosum species and are tubers, meaning they grow underground on the roots of the plant. Potatoes are highly versatile and can be prepared in numerous ways, including boiling, baking, frying, and mashing.

English: Annatto / Deutsch: Annatto / Español: Achiote / Português: Urucum / Français: Roucou / Italiano: Annatto /

In the food context, "Achuete" or "Achiote" refers to the seeds from the annatto tree (Bixa orellana), which are used primarily as a coloring agent and flavor enhancer in cooking. Originating from tropical regions of the Americas, achuete is widely used in Latin American, Caribbean, and Filipino cuisines.

Adobong Sitaw, savory stew made of string beans.

Adobong Pusit, savory stew made of fresh squids.

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