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Deutsch: Anis, Indian: Saumph, Saunf

Anise (Pimpinella anisum) is a popular spice and herb used in various culinary traditions around the world. It is known for its distinct sweet and aromatic flavor, often described as similar to licorice or fennel. Anise seeds, the most commonly used part of the plant, are small, brownish-gray seeds that add a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes. In this article, we will explore the culinary significance of anise, its various applications, potential risks associated with its consumption, a brief history, and some legal considerations. Additionally, we will provide a popular recipe that showcases the delightful flavor of anise.

English: Marinated meat / Deutsch: mariniertes Fleisch / Español: Carne Marinada / Português: Carne Marinada / Français: Viande marinée / Italiano: Carne marinata /

Adobo is a flavorful and widely loved cooking technique and dish that has its roots in Filipino cuisine. This article will explore the concept of Adobo in the food context, provide examples of different types of Adobo, discuss its popularity, and offer a popular Adobo recipe. Additionally, we'll briefly delve into its history, legal basics, and list some similar culinary techniques or dishes.

Deutsch: Asant / Indian: Kayam

Asafoetida, also known as "hing" or "devil's dung," is a pungent and aromatic resin extracted from the roots of certain plants. It has been used for centuries in cooking and traditional medicine due to its unique flavor and potential health benefits. In this article, we will explore Asafoetida, providing a definition, discussing its culinary significance, offering examples of its use, addressing potential risks, and sharing a popular recipe. Additionally, we will touch upon the historical and legal aspects of this intriguing ingredient.

Indian: Koova

Arrowroot is a starchy substance derived from the roots of certain tropical plants. In the culinary world, it serves as a valuable thickening agent, with a range of applications in both sweet and savory dishes. This article explores the uses, potential risks, historical background, and legal considerations related to arrowroot. We'll also provide a popular recipe that showcases its thickening abilities and versatility. Additionally, we'll touch upon some similar ingredients that share arrowroot's thickening properties.

Deutsch: Antojitos / Español: Antojitos / Português: Antojitos / Français: Antojitos / Italiano: Antojitos

Antojitos is the Mexican word for "appetizers" and a term for "street snacks", popular of which are roasted Elotes (corn on the cob), fried corn masa called Huaraches and cornmeal cakes known as Tlacoyos.

Antojitos are traditional Mexican street foods that are known for their rich flavors and variety. The term "antojitos", which literally translates to "little cravings", encompasses a wide range of snacks and small dishes that are typically enjoyed as a casual meal or snack throughout the day. These dishes are deeply rooted in Mexican culinary traditions and are characterized by their use of fresh, vibrant ingredients, including corn, beans, cheese, various meats, and a plethora of spices and salsas.

English: Slow-Cooked Meat / Deutsch: Langsam gekochtes Fleisch / Español: Carne cocida lentamente / Português: Carne cozida lentamente / Français: Viande mijotée / Italiano: Carne cotta lentamente /

Al-Mathbi also known as Mathbi refers to a unique Saudi Arabian way of preparing and serving meat.

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