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Apfelkuchen (Apfel Kuchen) is a German cake made of apples.

Apfel Kuchen in the food context refers to a traditional German dessert that translates to "apple cake" in English. It is a beloved pastry dish made with fresh apples, sugar, and a variety of ingredients to create a delicious treat. Apfel Kuchen is often enjoyed as a dessert or snack and is known for its comforting, homey flavor.

A la literally means "in the manner of".

A Haan is a Thai word for food

Anchoas rellenas is the Spanish for "stuffed anchovies".

Anchoas is the Spanish word for Anchovies.

Rellanas means stuffed or filled in English

A haan ta lee is a Thai word for seafood. A haan ta lee is also known as Thelah

A haan ta lee is pronounced "ah-haan tah-lay".

An Anko-nabe is a Japanese monkfish stew.

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