Glossary A

Api refers to Bolivia's hot, sweet, thick maize drink flavored with cloves and cinnamon and served with deep-fried pancakes known as Buñuelos. Api is the most popular drink found in the food stalls in the markets of Bolivia especially in the mornings.

Algarrobina refers to Peru's Pisco-based drink. Algarrobina is made from Pisco and carob syrup (Algarrobina), evaporated milk, egg yolk and ice, and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Ashlianfu refers to Kyrgyzstan food of cold noodles, vinegar, peppers and sometimes egg

Ande Ki Safedi is the Hindi term for "Egg white"

Atjar refers to South Africa's exotic pickles and preserves prepared from tropical fruits and vegetables which may be packed with brine, syrups or oils and seasoned with varying subtle or hot combinations of East Indian spices.

Aselila refers to Georgia's Egg Salad which is made from hard -boiled eggs mixed with butter, shelled chopped walnuts, minced fresh dill , salt and Adzhika . Minced cilantro or scallions can also be used to flavor the salad in place of dill.