Glossary A

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Aji Amarillo is also known as Aji Mirasol (Capsicum baccatum) which refers to a deep yellowish red chile, 3 - 5 inches long with a distinctive berry like flavour. Aji Amarillo is used to make stews, escabeche , salsas , yellow mole and other sauces . It can also be used as a condiment. Hotness Scale is 7

Avocado Leaf (Avocado leaves - plural) refers to a leaf from the avocado tree that is commonly used as a fresh or dried seasoning in food dishes prepared in Central Mexico. The leaves of the the Mexican Avocado species has usually an anise scent. It is used in meat dishes, soups and stews, providing a somewhat bitter flavor with an anise tasting overtone. Some studies have been undertaken to determine if various species of avocado leaves are toxic and how harmful they may be for consumption. Although it appears as if the toxic agent is present in a species of the Guatemalan Avocado , the leaves of other varieties continue to be used as seasonings, apparently with the belief that the amount used is so small that it is not harmful for consumption. Avocado leaves are also used as a garnish for appetizers, salads and other food dishes.

Ají de Gallina refers to a classic Peruvian dish of creamy stew of chicken and Peruvian Chili.

Abattoir is a French term, adopted in English, for a "slaughter house". Napoleon instituted the public abattoir system in Paris in 1807 which was brought to completion in 1818.

Abaisser La Pate is a French cooking verb which means "to roll out the pasty"

Absorber is a French cooking verb which means "to absorb"