Glossary A

Anchellini refers to a short -cut pasta; a small bead-shaped pasta which is slightly larger than Acini di Pepe. Anchellini is synonymous to Piombi. Both can be used for vegetable and thin soups and broths.

Ajiaco refers to a thick soup/a stew with three (3) types of potato, chicken, and corn, that is served with capers, cream, and avocado.Ajiaco is also known as the national dish of Cuba. It is one of the Cuban foods which mostly served during special occassions and holidays. Moreover, Ajiaco is a very old-fashioned stew-like dish, incredibly tasty and nutritious which features several of the most typical root vegetables used in traditional Cuban cuisine. This dish is so hearty that it can be served as the only dish in a meal, especially if it is served for lunch.

Agurksalat refers to Norway's salad made of of salt-wilted cucumbers prepared by thinly slicing the fresh cucumbers and allowing them to stand after being liberally salted. The salting wilts the cucumber slices and helps to draw away any bitterness. Also, the thin slices of cucumber may be marinated in a sweet and sour mixture of vinegar, water, and sugar, and with onion slices and fresh dill .

Agneau de Lait is the French term for "young milk-fed lamb" which are 2 to 3 months old. In France, "milk-fed lambs" are slaughtered before they are weaned at an age of 30 to 40 days when they weigh between 8 to 10 kilograms (18 to 22 pounds). Agneau de Lait also refers to suckling lamb or baby lamb. baby lamb or milk-fed lamb.

Advocaatenborrel is the Dutch name of Advocaat which refers to a liqueur traditionally served in the Netherlands that is made from egg yolks and brandy. It has a thick creamy consistency, similar to egg nog with a sweet flavor. Moreover, Advocaat is described as a thick drink, made with Brandewijn , egg, sugar and vanilla. It is so thick that a spoon is often needed to consume (drink/eat) it. Advocaat is usually between 15° and 18° proof .

Aracacha refers to an Andean Tuber used in Peru for cooking. It looks like a fat white carrot as they are related to the carrot and celery family. The taste is good for making soups and stocks.