Glossary A

The food glossary +++ 'Aboyeur', 'Aduppu', 'Aratilis /Arateles'
Agneau Broutart is the French culinary term for "grazed lamb" which is over nine (9) months old. Agneau Broutart which is also called Agneau Gris (Gray lamb), is slaughtered when it is between 180 and 270 days old and weighs 30 to 40 kilograms (66 to 88 pounds). This lamb is mostly grass-fed with some additional cereal grains. The fat is no longer white and thus the name. Its meat is firmer and more fully flavored, which some people prefer.

Akutaq refers to what is commonly known as Eskimo Ice Cream . Akutaq is the common food in western Alaska that is made from whipped reindeer fat or tallow, seal oil, freshly fallen snow or water, fresh berries, and sometimes ground fish, ground caribou, and/or sugar; eaten as a dessert. Also a meal, a snack, or a spread; now usually made with shortening instead of tallow and with raisins; many variations, most involve mixing berries, meat, leaves, or roots with animal oil or fat Akutaq is also known as Aqutuk, Ackutuk, or Agutak. Akutaq is pronounced "a-goo-duk" I have just seen a documentary shown in a Bayerische channel about Akutaq and about the life of the Eskimos in Alaska. It was shown how they enjoyed a community festival and their food which they try to distribute to one another. I think no matter how hard life can be in that place, they are happy people. The reporter was asked to try the Akutaq by an old women who describes the ingredient she used making it and she calls it "Eskimo Ice Cream".

Assiette Froide de Gibier is the French for "cold cuts of game", referring to sliced assorted cold meats of animals killed in a hunt or meat from wild animals used as food.

Alla Zia refers to the Italian term "in the aunt's style" of cooking" which is home style cooking.

Amarula Cream refers to South Africa's drink of a sweet creamy liqueur made from the fruit of the Marula tree.

Afrikoko refers to Tanzania's chocolate and coconut liqueur.