Glossary A

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Avocado Cocktail is also called Avocaditos, Avocado Fingers is a veriety of Avocado. It is a cocktail-sized avocado that is about the size and shape of a small cucumber. The seed is unformed in this variety and in ist place is a hollow, papery sheath. The fruit is slightly curved with a smooth, dark olve green skin and creams, fine-flavored flesh. Avocado Cocktail is ideal for individual serves; ideal for slicing and eaten on hand.

Afrikoko refers to Tanzania's chocolate and coconut liqueur.

Arrose the French term which means "sprinkled", "moistened" , "basted"

Aseed refers to Yemeni porridge which is considered as one of their traditional foods.

Asalia refers to one of Bahrain's traditional sweets of puff pastry covered with honey sauce

Ajo Colorao refers to one of Vera’s most traditional dishes. It is made with potatoes, paprika, tomatoes, garlic, and red peppers which are sautéed in olive oil, then strands of saffron are added along with some water. Once the mixture is soft, it is pureed and decorated with halved boiled eggs. Vera sits on the eastern side of the province of Almería in Spain. It is nestled between the Alhamilla and Carbrera Mountains, Vera is bordered by both mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.