Glossary A

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Albahaca is the Spanish word for "Basil", a kind of aromatic plant used to season and flavor dishes. Albahaca is pronounced "ahl-bah-ah-kah"

Ajipa refers to Andean Tuber, one of the tubers eaten in Peru. Ajipa is similar to Jacon, but much more firmer. They are used fresh, similar to Jicama.

Aracacha refers to an Andean Tuber used in Peru for cooking. It looks like a fat white carrot as they are related to the carrot and celery family. The taste is good for making soups and stocks.

Appetissants is the French word for "Appetisers", such as the famous one which is caviar, olives, smoked fish, aspics, pate, and a range of many others depending on the country.

Al Sadiyah/Sadiyah refers to Arabic golden fish and rice dish, with fragrant spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and coriander . Coastal areas in Saudi Arabia are famous for seafood and rice dishes. Al-Sayadiah is an example of such a dish which consists of fish cooked with rice, onions and spices. Sadiyah is also one of Yemen's popular dishes.

Aji Limo (Capsicum chinense) refers to a variet of chili/chile; an extremely hot South American chili/chile that is related to the Habanero. It has a beautiful lantern shaped pod with a deep red colour. Hotness Scale is 9 Moreoverm Aji Limo is a very small, elongated hot pepper indigenous to Peru and Bolivia, where it is called Aribibi. It comes in red and green varieties and is used mainly for making Salsas .