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Ami du Chambertin literally means ""friend of Chambertin wine" refers to a moist and buttery short cylinder of cow's milk Cheese with a Rust-colored rind. It is similar to Epoisses cheese.

Absorber is a French cooking verb which means "to absorb".

English: Sarisa / Deutsch: Sarisa / Español: Sarisa / Português: Sarisa / Français: Sarisa / Italiano: Sarisa /

Aratilis in the food context refers to a small, sweet fruit known by various names in different regions, including "Muntingia," "Jamaican Cherry," "Cermai" (in Indonesia), and "Balimbing" (in the Philippines). Aratilis also spelled Aratiles is one of the fruits found in the Philippines. Aratilis is called in other parts of the Philippines as Mansanitas (small apples), Saresa in Tarlac and Nueva Ecija and in Iloilo Province they are called Sarisa. In other countries, Aratilis is called Singapore cherry, Panama Berry and Jamaican Cherry. The scientific name of this fruit is Muntingia calabura. Aratilis is valued for its pleasant taste, often described as a mix of sweet and slightly tart flavors. It is typically consumed fresh as a snack and is popular among both children and adults. The fruits of the Aratilis tree is green when uripe and turned orange to red when ripe and will then taste sweet. It has very tiny sandy flesh.

Aal is a German word for eel.

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