Glossary A

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Aviyal also known as Avial is an Indian vegetable curry which is mostly popular in the southern part of the country. Aviyal is one of the dishes served for Sadya, a Keralan feast. Please see Avial

Aloo Chhole also spelled Aloo Chole refers to an Indian vegetarian dish made from potatoes, chickpeas and tamarind paste

Au refers to any species of Marlin mostly Pacific Blue in Hawaii, which is a lean and extremely tender fish.

Aktori is a special sort of cake made in the dry Lahaul and Spiti district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Aktori cake is made from buckwheat leaves mixed with wheat flour.

Atjar refers to South Africa's exotic pickles and preserves prepared from tropical fruits and vegetables which may be packed with brine, syrups or oils and seasoned with varying subtle or hot combinations of East Indian spices.

Aselila refers to Georgia's Egg Salad which is made from hard -boiled eggs mixed with butter, shelled chopped walnuts, minced fresh dill , salt and Adzhika . Minced cilantro or scallions can also be used to flavor the salad in place of dill.