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Allioli refers to a popular traditional sauce from Catalonia, Spain made only from garlic and olive oil. It is also referred to as Catalan garlic sauce, however, it sometimes passed off as garlic mayonnaise because of additional eggs in the recipe. There are several dishes from Spain which is cooked with Allioli sauce (con Allioli): Bacalao al Horno Con Allioli, Salmon al Vapor Con Allioli, Patatas Panaderas Con Allioli and many more.Â


Akak refers to a hawker or street food in Malaysia that is cooked in a moldover fire.

A Baiano refers to a Brazilian dish made with coconut, palm oil and malagueta peppers

Asperula is the Italian and Spanish term for woodruff or sweet woodruff, an aromatic and strongly scented plant.

a l' italienne literally means "in the Italian style" which means dishes cooked with mushrooms, pasta or artichokes or dishes made partly or wholly of pasta, often with cheese and tomato.

English: In the Forest style / Deutsch: Waldmanns Art / Español: A la Forestiere / Português: À la florestal / Français: A la Forestière / Italiano: Alla forestiera /

a la Forestiere is a French term that literally means ""in the style of the forester", it is a French cooking term that refers to meat or poultry which is to be served with sauteed mushrooms or foods garnished and served either with sauteed mushrooms, fried potatoes, or ham or bacon.

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