Glossary F

Fideua refers to the local pasta speciality of Moraira. The pasta is cooked in seasoned seafood stock, just like the paella, and then served with pieces of squid and vegetables . Moraira is situated on the northern coast of the Costa Blanca and approximately 50 miles north of Alicante, Spain.

Filema refer to the Greek "offerings" of foods, sweets, and drink which are given to visitors as part of their traditional hospitality. Filema is from the Greek word "filoxenia" which means "hospitality" or "love of the stranger". The Greek people still practise the age-old custom of hospitality, or Filoxenia. In Greece, strangers are often welcomed in villages where locals still believe a visitor brings good luck.

Fluting knife refers to a garnishing tool which should be used to make V-cuts in melons and bell peppers

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Fesenjun or Fesenjan refers to Iran's spicy walnut, pomegranate, eggplant sauce ; a sauce of grated pomegranate, walnuts, eggplant and cardamom served over roast chicken and rice. Moreover, In Iran, Fesenjun is one of a renowned Khoresht or stews which consist of lamb, chicken, duck, or pheasant cooked in a sauce of onions, ground walnuts, pomegranate and molasses.