Glossary F

Fava me Koukia which is also known simply as Fava refers to a Greek stew or dip made from mashed or pureed dried yellow split peas or fava beans that can be eaten as a side dish or with bread. It can also be served as tasty appetizer. As a side dish, it is best paired withh fish and spicy dishes. Fava me Koukia can also be served with chopped onions, olive oil and vinegar. Fava me Koukia is pronounced as "fah-vah meh kook-yah".

Frittatensuppe refers to a clear soup containing small strips of pancake. Frittatensuppe which is a typical food in Vienna, Austria is made of clear chicken or beef broth with chives and thin crêpes/pancakes shredded into noodles.

Foutou refers to a thick and heavy heavy paste made of mashed plantains or yams that is usually eaten with a spicy sauce or stew made of fish or meat. It is the national dish of Côte d'Ivoire and one of the traditional Mali foods. Foutou is also spelled or known as Futu .

- Food Trivia: Kerala, India Chips : In Kerala, Banana Chips refer to wafer thin slices of banana fried in oil. It is a speciality snack of Kerala that is so popular that within the state, hence, the word "Chips" has become synonymous with "Banana Chips".

Aida refers to the Opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi ( 1813-1901) noted patron of the Maison Doree in Paris . Casimir-Moisson, President of the First Culinary Academy created in the honor of Giuseppe Verdi dishes like Iced bombe called "Bombe Aida"; Turbot; Salad

Fish Moilee refers to a traditional South India food which is a fish curry cooked with tomatoes and onions and finished off with fresh coconut cream.