Glossary F

Fattah refers to the Egyptian dish made with chicken, rice and creamy yoghurt sauce .

- Food History: Joseph Berchoux (1765-1839) : Joseph Berchoux refers to the French poet and gastronome. He is the name who introduced the word "gastronomie" to the French language. His name Berchoux was used to name (two) French foods, namely: (1) Sauce Berchoux; and (2) Consomme Berchoux.

Fen Berry refers to a small variety of cranberry. Fen Berry which is found in many English recipes is also known as cram-berry, crawberry, moss-millions, sow-berry, sour-berry, marsh wort, bog-berry and swamp red-berry.

Ficeler is the French word which means "to tie up". In cooking, it means "to tie up in string", referring to foods that have been tied to a string and cooked in a broth. This was a practice in villages when a communal pot was used to cook food. The string was used in order to allow the owners to identify and recover their piece of meat. This is generally applied to tough cuts of meat that require long periods of cooking. The term is also used by some restaurants to describe a more tender cut of meat that is poached in a rich broth. Meats like, beef filet and duck breasts are two (2) good meat cuts for this kind of food preparation.

- Food Trivia: Alcohol in Faroe Island, Rusdrekkasolin Landsins : Although alcohol is more readily available in the Faroe Island, it is restricted by some legislations. Going into the local supermarkets to buy alcohol would result nothing as alcohol is not available in the shops. The only place to buy any form of alcohol (beer, wine, or spirits) in Faroe Island is from Rusdrekkasolin Landsins which literally means "the country's alcohol sale". It is a state-run monolith that has the responsibilty on all things regarding alcohol.

Fustuq is the Arabic word for pistachio or pistachio nuts. It is also called Fustuq Halabee Fustuq is also the name of cookies made from pistachio nuts.