Glossary F

Frejol caballero refers to large, round, white bean.

Frejol canario refers to "yellow bean".

Frejol Colado refers to Peru's sweet dessert made from mashed beans and Chancaca. Frejol Colado is usually prepared in southern Peru.

Frejol panamito refers to Peru's small white bean.

Fenalar/Fenalår refers to cured and seasoned leg of a lamb. Also, Fenalar refers to the Norway food made of thin strips of mutton that have been salted and wind-dried. Legs of lamb and lamb spareribs may be also prepared and made the same way

Fiskepudding refers to a Norway's fish pudding. This Fiskepudding is a baked mixture of chopped fish blended with cream and flour and spiced with nutmeg and placed on top of this sauce mixture are poached fish balls.Before serving the Fiskepudding, a hot lobster or shrimp sauce is poured all over.