Glossary F

Frejol bayo refers to large brown bean.

Frejol caballero refers to large, round, white bean.

Fiskepudding refers to a Norway's fish pudding. This Fiskepudding is a baked mixture of chopped fish blended with cream and flour and spiced with nutmeg and placed on top of this sauce mixture are poached fish balls.Before serving the Fiskepudding, a hot lobster or shrimp sauce is poured all over.

- Food Trivia: Food on walls in Netherlands : An interesting way to get takeaway food in Holland is from the wall. There are snack bars that have rows of little windows where you slot in a coin and choose what snack you would like to takeaway.

Fozelékek is the Hungarian term for "cooked vegetables " which are usually served as side dishes, as in Sárga Répa Fözelék (creamed buttered carrots), Zöldborsoó Fözelék (sweet creamed green peas), etc.

Fatanyeros refers to a Hungarian specialty of assorted grilled meats served on a wooden platter garnished with pickled vegetables , and potato salad. Fatanyeros is a famous traditional Hungarian barbecues mixed meat dish which originated from Transylvania