Glossary F

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Frémi is the French word which literally means "quivering" , used as a cooking term which usually refers to barely cooked oysters.

Forshmak refers to a Russian dish which originated from German word that means “foretaste”. Forshmak is hot appetizer from salted herring and mashed potatoes.

Flaeskesteg / Flæskesteg refers to Danish dish made of slices of pork roast with pickled red cabbage .

Foza sy Hena-Kisoa refers to a specialy dish of Madagascar made of stir-fried pork, crab and rice preparation.
Fougassette refers to a French brioche that is flavored with orange flower water.

Iranian Kababs are usually sprinkled with Somaq or Sumac and are accompanied by raw onion and a bowl of yoghurt (Mast) and grilled tomato.