Glossary F

The food glossary +++ 'Fruit', 'Festival', 'Fritter'
Füllung is the German word for "stuffing" or "filling", such as Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel) made of Filoteig (Phyllo Pastry) filled with spiced diced apples.

Fume Blanc is another name for Sauvignon Blanc, a grape which produces light to medium bodied white wines.

- Food Trivia: Hungarian Brandies : Hungary produces excellent and powerful fruit brandies (Pálinka), such as Barack from apricots, Cseresznye from cherries, Körte from pears, Alma from apples and Szilva from plums . And there is Unicum, a bitter panacea made from a secret herbal recipe

Ful medames refers to the national dish of Egypt made of mashed fava beans also called broad beans cooked in olive oil with chopped parsley, lemon juice and garlic with salt added and served with eggs at breakfast time. Ful medames is traditionally eaten with Pita bread and onions with some pickled vegetables and fresh rocket leaves on the side.

- Food Trivia: Bread : Bread stales faster inside the refrigerator. Bread must be refrigerated only if it contains moist or perishable ingredients, or if the weather is hot and humid.

- Food Trivia: Cambodian Food : Rice noodles proliferate in the country and can be bought covered in curry sauce from street vendors. The most popular, and refreshing, Khmer drink is soda water with a squeeze of lemon. Crispy fried spiders are a snack for the adventurous in Northern Cambodia.