Glossary F

Fasooliyeh refers to a tomato-based bean stew from Jordan which is served during the main course and served usually with rice.

Fatta refers to a a dish made from dry bread soaked in honey, broth or milk which is known and consumed in the northern part of Yemen

Fërges refers to beef stew which is one of the common meat dishes found in Albania.

Foza Sy Hena-Kisoa refers to Madagascar's stir-fried crab, pork, and rice dish. Foza Sy Hena-Kisoa is one of the popular dishes among the visitors/tourists coming/visiting to Madagascar.

Frikadeller refers to the juicy Danish meatballs of minced veal and pork or pork only, browned in butter and topped with a brown sauce . Frikadeller is a food which is present at almost every Smørrebrød , and eaten at least once a day.

Farinha refers to Brazil's manioc flour sprinkled over rice and beans. Manioc is a root crop that is typically consumed as flour in Brazilian kitchen.