Deutsch: Franzbrötchen / Español: Panecillo francés / Português: Pãozinho francês / Français: Petit pain français / Italiano: Panino francese

Franzbrötchen in the food context refers to a traditional pastry from Hamburg, Germany, resembling a smaller version of the French croissant with a sweet, cinnamon-sugar filling. The pastry is made from a buttery, layered dough, similar to that used for croissants, which is then filled with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar before being rolled, sliced, and baked until golden brown. Its characteristic swirl pattern and the crispy, caramelized exterior, combined with a soft, buttery interior, make it a beloved treat among locals and visitors alike.


The unique aspect of Franzbrötchen lies in its preparation and flavor. The dough is layered with butter and then sprinkled with a cinnamon-sugar mixture, which caramelizes during baking, creating a delicious contrast between the sweet, spicy filling and the flaky pastry. Originating in the early 19th century as a variation of the French croissant introduced by Napoleon’s troops, it has since become a staple of Hamburg's bakery scene.

Application Areas

Franzbrötchen is primarily consumed as:

  • Breakfast Pastry: Often enjoyed in the morning with coffee or tea.
  • Snack: A popular midday treat to accompany a warm beverage.
  • Dessert: Served as a light dessert after meals, sometimes accompanied by fresh cream or fruit.

Well-Known Examples

While the classic Franzbrötchen is filled with cinnamon and sugar, numerous variations have emerged, including:

  • Chocolate Franzbrötchen: Incorporating chocolate chips or a chocolate spread into the filling.
  • Apple Franzbrötchen: Adding diced apples to the cinnamon-sugar mixture for a fruity twist.
  • Marzipan Franzbrötchen: Filled with marzipan, offering a sweet almond flavor.


A basic recipe for Franzbrötchen involves:

  1. Ingredients:

    • For the dough: Flour, milk, sugar, yeast, butter, and a pinch of salt.
    • For the filling: Cinnamon and sugar.
    • Additional butter for layering.
  2. Preparation:

    • Prepare a yeast dough and let it rise until doubled in size.
    • Roll out the dough into a rectangle, then spread a thin layer of softened butter over it.
    • Sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mixture evenly over the buttered dough.
    • Roll the dough tightly from the long side, then cut into slices.
    • Press down each slice in the middle to create the characteristic Franzbrötchen shape.
    • Place on a baking sheet, let them rise again, then bake at a medium-high temperature until golden brown.

Treatment and Risks

As a pastry high in butter and sugar, Franzbrötchen is best enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Those with dietary restrictions, such as low sugar or low fat diets, should consume them sparingly.

Similar Terms or Synonyms

  • Cinnamon Pastry
  • German Cinnamon Roll


Franzbrötchen is a delightful pastry from Hamburg, known for its buttery layers and sweet cinnamon filling. Whether enjoyed as a breakfast treat, a snack, or a dessert, its unique flavor and texture make it a cherished part of German bakery tradition, with various adaptations adding to its appeal.


a special bread/baked product from the city of Hamburg

a special bread/baked product from the city of Hamburg

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