Glossary F

Fangasou refer to Chad's fried doughnuts which are made of millet or wheat flour.Fangasou is one of the popular snacks in Chad and are also popular for breakfast.

Frijoles Charros refers to the Mexican Ranch-style or drunken beans, that is savory beans in their own broth, the drunken ones cooked with beer. Frijoles Charros is also known as Frijoles Borrachos.

Frikadeller refers to the juicy Danish meatballs of minced veal and pork or pork only, browned in butter and topped with a brown sauce . Frikadeller is a food which is present at almost every Smørrebrød , and eaten at least once a day.

Fios de Ovos are strings of sweetened eggs which is one of the desserts from Aveiro which orginated from the old convents. Just like Ovos Moles, Fios de Ovos is made from eggs and sugar. Aveiro is a Portuguese city located in central littoral zone.

Frejol is the Spanihs word for "bean".

Frejol bayo refers to large brown bean.