Glossary M

Mackerel Rundown refers to a popular Caribbean dish made by cooking mackerel in coconut milk which has been seasoned with herbs and spices. Mackerel Rundown is generally served with boiled green bananas, yam and dumplings.

Mixiote de Pollo refers to one of Mexico's national specialties made of spiced chicken steamed in maguey or banana leaves.

Mabi refers to Taino 's very popular fermented beverage

Maní is the Taino word for peanuts

Makara refer to homemade fried breads which are mostly sold at roadside stands in Central African Republic. Other bakery bread, sandwiches, barbecued meat, and other snacks are also sold by women along roadside stands. Bangui is the capital of Central African Republic. The country lies at the center of Africa in a region where wooded grasslands adjoin dense rain forests and has an area of about 239,400 square miles (620,000 square kilometers). The capital, Bangui, originated at the site of a French military post established on the banks of the Ubangi River in June 1889.

Michelin Red Guide refers to the red-covered book that comes out annually, listing the "best" restaurants and hotels across the land. Initially covering only France, The Michelin Red Guide today (2010) reaches out to 23 countries across the rest of the world.