Glossary M

Michelin Bib Gourmand refers to a guide to the best affordably priced restaurants in France, where the value for the price is the critera. The Bib Gourmand list is a subset of the current Michelin Red Guide : The restaurants in the Bib Gourmand guide are those listed in the Red Guide with the Bib Gourmand logo, but they do not necessarily have the coveted Michelin Star.

Michelin Green Guides are published for, and about, different regions of France, and for some major cities, from Paris to New York. Each guide has amazing information about the title subject, not only the sites and museums, but historical, geographical and any other information relevant to that place. Michelin Green Guide has nothing to do with restaurant star systems

Muffuletta which is pronounced "Moo-fa-lotta" refers to New Orleans super-large, round, fat sandwich filled with salami-type meats, mozzarella cheese , pickles, and olive salad.

Mannapuder refers to the Estonian semolina milk pudding similar to America's cream of wheat which is found throughout Estonia. Mannapuder is pronounced "mah-nah-pood-ah".

Magyi-ywet Thok refers to a Myanmar food made with tamarind leaves.

Marjamehu refers to berry juices which is one the Finn's favorite drinks especiall during summer times.