Glossary M

Mirza Ghasemi refers to Iranian food made of mashed eggplant, squash, garlic, tomatoes and egg, served with bread or rice. This Persian Eggplant Casserole (it is a cross between casserole and a dip) is a popular dish in Iran. Mirza Ghasemi also known as Baademjaan Ghasemi.

Moelleux is the French word which means soft, mellow, tender, moist, sweet. Moelleux is French from the word "moelle", meaning bone marrow, this word means soft or mellow and refers to a rich, medium sweet white wine. It also means Gurnard, a kind of fish. Moelleux is pronounced "mwa leu"

Mazzeh refers to Jordan's traditionally large assortment of appetizers or snack foods which are usually consumed before the main course. Mazzeh can at times also act as the main course.

Manaqeesh refers to Jordan's tasty snack of hot bread that is moistened with olive oil and covered with thyme.

Mlukhiyyeh refers to Jordan's stew made of spinach that is cooked with chicken or beef pieces and served with rice as a main course.

Mung Tofu which is also called Extra-thin Beancurd Skin refers to one of a typical Beijing snack just as popular as Mung bean milk. Mung Tofu is being loved for its secret ingredients and marvelous tastes. With a profound history that can be traced back to hundreds of years ago, it was first loved by the poor who had no better food to eat. But surprisingly, the rich also fell in love with it. Most major restaurants in Beijing now offer Mung Tofu, but the taste is different from the original ones because of the oil used has been changed from caproic oil to vegetable oil.