Glossary M

Manjar refers to a sweet brown spread that is used in almost every dessert or pastry found in Chile. Manjar is also a cake filling made from boiled milk and sugar. Some visitors say it tastes like caramel. Manjar is quite sweet and is used in many cakes and sweet dishes. Boiled milk and sugar is equal to caramel, indeed, Manjar is a caramel. I must find a recipe for Manjar. I think I would like to cook it , can be a nice alternative to honey which I used as bread spread for breakfast.

Mishkaki is Kiswahili for the East African version of "shish kebab" that is usually made of beef, goat or mutton meats and can served as nice tasting snack. To prepare the Mishkaki, the meat is marinated, put on a skewer and grilled over hot coals and served with pure lime juice, a bit of finely chopped pili pili, and salt.

Morcón Antequerano refers to a kind of sausage made with tongue and chopped pork, seasoned with paprika. Morcón Antequerano is produced in Antequera in Andalucia, Spain

Maca refers to an Andean Root; a tuber with many body tonic properties some of which include energy and staminina. Maca is sold wide spread through out Perú in many forms. It is very common to find fresh Maca in its small tuber form.

Marmaquilla refers to an Andean herb; herb grown in the Andes used in Pachamacas.

Malamba refers to a local sugar cane brew from Equatorial Guinea and one of their national drinks. Equitorial Guinea is a West African country located on the west coast of equatorial Africa, bordered by Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the south and east.