Glossary M

Moqueca refers to a Brazilian tomato-based seafood stew prepared in a special type of clay pot. Moqueca is made without adding any water.Varieties fish and shellfish are just thrown together with a mixture onions, tomatoes,some garlic and coriander into a clay pot and then let it simmer for hours until done. However, just like any recipes, Moqueca is also made several waya depending on the area and the cook. If liquid is needed, palm oil and coconut milk or olive and soy oil is used. Moqueca is pronounced "moh-keh-kuh"

Mauka refers to an Andean tuber / edible root which looks like a small cassava, Mauka is cooked like yuca - boiled then fried.

Maghreb is a term that is used to describe northwest Africa which includes Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

Mysliwska refers to one of the beast cold meats from Poland which is smoked using juniper woods. Cold meats smoked using juniper woods are considered the best. Mysliwska is served as Polish hors-d'oeuvre together with ham and other cold meats, like Kielbasa and Krakowska

Mattak refers to one of the delicacies of Greeland made of whale skin with a thin layer of fat, cut into squares and is eaten raw.

Moutarde de Meaux refers to a French whole grain mustard that is made from a mixture of mustard seeds with their husks