Glossary M

The food glossary +++ 'Moa Tunupau', 'Masi', 'Mustasa'
Megrim refers to a type flat sea fish.

Mastika refers to one of the quite popular drinks from Bulgaria. Mastika (???????) (47% vol), is a drink closely related to Greek Ouzo and Turkish Raki. It is usually drunk with ice, with water in a 1:1 mixture or with peppermint liqueur, called Oblak (cloud).

Mote con Huesillo refers to dehydrated peaches with stewed barley often in water or peach juice; cooked dried peaches and stewed corn served as a drink. Mote con Huesillo is one of the typical desserts from Chile.

Mogodu is South African word for "Tripe". Mogodu is thoroughly cleaned then boiled for two to three hours. Once softened, allowed to simmer before being served with pap

Mala is the South African term for " Intestines" especially those of chicken. Before cooking, the Mala is thoroughly cleaned, cooked in boiled water, then fried. Mala is mostly eaten with Pap.

Medialunas refer to Argentina's small, sticky croissants .