Glossary M

Mola Kaffi refers to Iceland's strong coffee served with loaf or cube sugar.

Magerquark refers to a kind/type of quark which is low in fat. Magerquark means low-fat quark or low-fat curd. This is one kind of quark sold in groceries and food markets in Germany.

Maras Peppers is another name of Maras peppers.

Marash Pepper is another name for Maras or Maras (Peppers).

Moule is the French word for "mussel", a kind of edible sea shell. One famous French dish made of mussel is Mouclade from the Poitou-Charentes Region of France. Moule also means in French "mold".

Moule de Bouchot is the French for small, highly prized cultivated mussel, raised on stakes driven into the sediment of shallow coastal beds.