Glossary M

Mola Kaffi refers to Iceland's strong coffee served with loaf or cube sugar.

Magerquark refers to a kind/type of quark which is low in fat. Magerquark means low-fat quark or low-fat curd. This is one kind of quark sold in groceries and food markets in Germany.

Maras Peppers is another name of Maras peppers.

Marash Pepper is another name for Maras or Maras (Peppers).

Moule is the French word for "mussel", a kind of edible sea shell. One famous French dish made of mussel is Mouclade from the Poitou-Charentes Region of France. Moule also means in French "mold".

Masala Dosa refers to crispy crepes made of rice and lentil flour flavored with Masala and stuffed with chunks of spicy potatoes. Masala Dosa is a thin and crispy rice-lentil crepe filled with spiced potatoes and onions. It is vegetarian delicacy from South India. This South Indian breakfast dish has now become extremely popular all over India and abroad. Masala Dosa is usually served with chutney and a spicy lentil soup known as Sambar . The traditional Dosa is heated on a grill until it becomes golden and crispy, then wrapped with the savory fillings like spiced potatoes and rolled into a cone.