Glossary M

Medialunas refer to Argentina's small, sticky croissants .

Makisu refers to a bamboo mat; a sushi rolling mat that is used for rolling sushi; a bamboo rolling mat that is used to make sushi rolls. Makisu is a must for making the popular "California Roll".

Mbatata refers to Malawians cookies made with with sweet potato and cinnamon. Malawi is situated in south-eastern Africa.

Manapua refers to one of Hawaii's popular snacks. Manapua is a steamed bun filled with Chinese barbecued pork; saimin, a Japanese noodle soup; Malassadas, Portuguese sugared donuts, and Pipikaula, Hawaiian-style jerked beef and other savory fillings. Moreover, Manapua is bready, doughy sphere filled with tasty fillings of sweetened pork or sweet beans. In the early days, a vendor, usually a Chinese man called "Manapua Man" would make his rounds with bamboo containers balanced on a rod over his shoulders selling Manapua. White or Whole-wheat Manapua of today, still contains containing chicken, vegetables , curry, and other savory fillings.

Muhammara refers to a Middle Eastern spicy dip made from roasted red peppers and walnuts. Muhammara is eaten as a dip with bread. It can also be used as a spicy dip with kebabs, grilled meats and fish. The Lebanese also eat it as a spread on toast and it is a popular condiment and dip in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. Muhummara can be served with grilled meats, fish and kebabs, or as a spread or dip for bread or pita. In western Turkey, Muhammara is called and known as Acuka . Muhammara is also spelled and known as Moohummara or Muhammarah.

Morcón Antequerano refers to a kind of sausage made with tongue and chopped pork, seasoned with paprika. Morcón Antequerano is produced in Antequera in Andalucia, Spain