Glossary M

Maras Ice Cream refers to a kind of Ice Cream from Turkey which is made of Maras peppers. Maras Ice Cream is a stringy, chewy ice cream, specifically of Maras (peppers). Maras Ice Cream is called Maras Dondurma in Turkey.

Maras Dondurma is the Turkish name of Maras Ice Cream , a stringy, chewy ice cream, specifically made of Maras peppers. Dondurma is the Turkish word for "ice cream" and Maras is a variety of pepper.

- Maras / Maras (Peppers) : Maras refers to a a variety of pepper that comes from the area around the city of Kahramanmaras in Turkey. Maras peppers are known for their complex flavor and medium heat which compliment many dishes from vegetables to seafood to steak. Maras pepper is small and has a pointed tip. Maras peppers have deep red color with little oil or salt, with a medium-strong heat and a bright fruity flavor. Maras is one of the most famous regions in Turkey for their peppers. Maras peppers take its names from the city which the peppers are grown. Maras comes from the area around the city of Kahramanmaras which is situated in the south-central region of Turkey near the Syrian border.

Mexican (P. americana var. drymifolia Blake) refers to one of the three (3) species of Avocado, the other two (2) are West Indian and Guatemalan Avocados. Mexican Avocado has leaves which usually has an anise scent. It has thin and usually smooth skin, it blooms in the winter, and the fruit ripens the following summer and fall. The following varieties of Avocados belong to this group or Mexican Avocado group: Clifton, Ettinger, Fuerte, Ganter, Horshim, Irving, Jan Boyce, Mayo, Mexicola, Mexicola Grande, Murrieta Green, Puebla, Stewart, Teague, and Topa Topa.

Moqueca refers to a Brazilian tomato-based seafood stew prepared in a special type of clay pot. Moqueca is made without adding any water.Varieties fish and shellfish are just thrown together with a mixture onions, tomatoes,some garlic and coriander into a clay pot and then let it simmer for hours until done. However, just like any recipes, Moqueca is also made several waya depending on the area and the cook. If liquid is needed, palm oil and coconut milk or olive and soy oil is used. Moqueca is pronounced "moh-keh-kuh"

Mogodu is South African word for "Tripe". Mogodu is thoroughly cleaned then boiled for two to three hours. Once softened, allowed to simmer before being served with pap