Glossary M

Mysliwska refers to one of the beast cold meats from Poland which is smoked using juniper woods. Cold meats smoked using juniper woods are considered the best. Mysliwska is served as Polish hors-d'oeuvre together with ham and other cold meats, like Kielbasa and Krakowska

Mushmala refers to Georgia's juicy, persimmon-colored fruit about the size of a walnut. Mushmala has a dark, shiny seeds which look like tiger-eye stones. Georgia is a small country in the Caucasus, surrounded on the north by Russia, on the east by Azerbaijan, on the south by Armenia and Turkey, and on the west by the Black Sea.

Mate de Coca refers to a mild tea made with cocoa leaves and enjoyed by everyone in Bolivia. Mate de Coca is believed to ward off an altitude sickness. Meta de Coca is also drunk in Peru.

Maide Ki Papdi refer to Indian crispy fried flat breads called Puris made with refined flour. Maide Ki Papdi are crispy breads which are often used to make various street foods on India, such as Sev Batata Puri , Papdi Chaat
Minasa refers "Cassava Cookies" , cookies made from cassava flour. It is one of the famous treats from the Province of Bulacan, Philippines. Minasa is among the many well-known manufactured sweet goods in the province of Bulacan, such as Pastillas de leche, Pastillas de yema, Pastillas de ube, Macapuno/Ube Balls, Inipit , Ensaymada, Cassava/Rice cakes, Puto, Kalamay, Suman , among others.

Molho Carioca refers to Brazilian Carioca Sauce that is traditionally served with the Brazilian meat and bean stew known as Feijoada Completa. Molho Carioca is made from a mixture of macerated very hot chilis, white rum, vinegar or lemon juice and chopped parsley and salt for seasoning. Molho is the Brazilian word for "Sauce".