Glossary M

Mysliwska refers to one of the beast cold meats from Poland which is smoked using juniper woods. Cold meats smoked using juniper woods are considered the best. Mysliwska is served as Polish hors-d'oeuvre together with ham and other cold meats, like Kielbasa and Krakowska

Mattak refers to one of the delicacies of Greeland made of whale skin with a thin layer of fat, cut into squares and is eaten raw.

Moutarde de Meaux refers to a French whole grain mustard that is made from a mixture of mustard seeds with their husks

Mishkaki is Kiswahili for the East African version of "shish kebab" that is usually made of beef, goat or mutton meats and can served as nice tasting snack. To prepare the Mishkaki, the meat is marinated, put on a skewer and grilled over hot coals and served with pure lime juice, a bit of finely chopped pili pili, and salt.

Malamba refers to a local sugar cane brew from Equatorial Guinea and one of their national drinks. Equitorial Guinea is a West African country located on the west coast of equatorial Africa, bordered by Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the south and east.

Maotwana refer to the legs of a chicken. To prepare, the Maotwana are boiled to remove the hard skin, then thoroughly and carefully washed, salted, then fried. Friend Maotwana are sold in South Africa for a cheap price and therefore, often served to school kids because of their low cost. Maotwana is one of the foods found in South Africa..