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Meunière, a classic French culinary term, refers to a method of cooking, typically involving fish or seafood. This article explores the significance of meunière, provides examples of dishes prepared using this technique, discusses potential risks, and briefly delves into its historical context. We will also list some similar cooking methods to meunière.

English: All Purpose Flour

Maida, a fine-textured flour commonly used in various cuisines, plays a significant role in the culinary world. This article delves into the definition, culinary applications, potential risks, and provides a popular recipe for Maida-based pancakes. Additionally, we'll explore the historical and legal aspects of Maida and list some similar flours.

Milkfish, scientifically known as Chanos chanos, is a species of fish that holds a special place in the culinary traditions of many countries, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. This article delves into the world of milkfish, exploring its various culinary uses, potential risks, and historical significance. We will also provide a popular milkfish recipe that highlights its delicious flavor and versatility, along with a brief overview of legal considerations. Additionally, we'll touch upon some similar fish species commonly enjoyed in cuisines around the world.

Montespejo refers to Spanish wine, specifically from Mollina in Malaga which is made from a blend of Muscatel and Doradilla grapes, Montespejo is a young, white wine that is extremely fruity.

Mahha Titiyas refer to Guam's coconut tortillas. Mahha Titiyas are made from wheat flour mixed with the juice, and ground, soft meat of young coconut (Manha) and salt and sugar to taste. Manha Titiya is one of the traditional foods of Guam and an important part of the Chomorro cuisine. Manha Titiyas is also known as Titiyas Månha.

Deutsch: Buttermilch / English: Buttermilk

In the food context, "moru" refers to a type of thin, tangy and spiced buttermilk or yogurt-based curry that is popular in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

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