Glossary M

Mahshi refers to Jordanian dishes made of vegetables stuffed with rice and meat.

Mochanka refers to a Belarus thick soup mixed with lard accompanied by or served with steaming hot pancakes. Mochanka is the most popular soup prepared by native Belarusians.

Multekrem refers to the Norwagian dessert that is made of cloudberries and whipped cream.

Mantika is the Filipino word for "cooking oil", particularly vegetable oil usually used for ordinary cooking. Butter is very seldom used in Philippine cooking as they are expensive. Nowadays, however, when there are local brands of butter already produced in the Philippines, some cooks already use butter for cooking as an alternative to "Mantika".

Morozhenoe is the name of ice cream in Russia. Russians love the Morozhenoe so it is common to find it on many restaurant menus with a variety of topping to choose from such as fruit , nuts, or chocolate. Also, Morozhenoe is sold in kiosks in the cities and found in every restaurant whether covered in fruit, chocolate or nuts. It is not only consumed during summertimes in Russia, but all-year round even of harsh winters.

Mackerel Rundown refers to a popular Caribbean dish made by cooking mackerel in coconut milk which has been seasoned with herbs and spices. Mackerel Rundown is generally served with boiled green bananas, yam and dumplings.