Glossary M

Manha or Månha is the Chamorro's word for "young coconut". The Chamorro language which is spoken throughout the Mariana Islands, including Guam, is an Austronesian language.

Mirliton refers to a New Orleans pear-shaped vegetable , cooked like squash and stuffed with ham, shrimp and spicy dressing. Mirliton is pronounced "mirl-a-tawn".

Melokhia refers to a green leafy vegetable which is chopped and cooked in soups. Melokhia is one of Egypt's favorite foods. The Melokhia or Jew's Mallow is an herb in the larger family of the mint called from the corchorus plant. It is a rather bitter herb with a natural thickening agent. Melokhia has been known as a popular food in Egypt since the time of the Pharaohs, and later spread to countries in the Levant. Melokhia is also known as Mulukhiyya or Mulukhiyyah.

Malaikarai refers to a very famous and popular Bengali entrée served with white Rice or Pulao for lunch or dinner on special occasions. It is dish made of prawns cooked in coconut milk. Malaikarai is also called Chingri Malaikari or Prawn Malaikari.

Maquis refers to Côte d'Ivoire's most popular culinary treat, which normally features braised chicken and fish cooked in onions and tomatoes. Côte d'Ivoire is an African country located on the south coast of West Africa, it borders the North Atlantic Ocean, with Liberia and Guinea on the west; Mali and Burkina Faso on the north; and Ghana on the east.

Malta Morena refers to Dominican Republic's delicious refreshing, nutritional and natural non-alcoholic beverage. This sweet malt beverage is made from water, malted barley, sugar, hops, corn semolina and caramel color is a drink preferred by those who do not want an alcohol beverage of may need a little boost of energy.