Glossary N

Néré seeds are used to flavor the sauces that accompany every meal of or rice which is the staple food of the Burkina Faso. In Burkina Faso, Néré trees where Néré seeds come from are never cleared from farming land because their black seeds are a vital part of every meal. The Néré seeds are fermented and shaped into balls, called Soumbala or Maggi Africain (African stock-cubes). It is a practice in Burkina Faso that when a landowner leases a plot of land to another farmer, the rights of the tree crops go to the tenant. But if there are Néré trees on the land the owner will always keep the rights to the crop.

Ngapi Yecho refers to a type of Ngapi, a Myanmar shrimp relish/paste that is made from small fish which are left unclean in the sun for a day or two (2) and then they are salted, pounded and stored in clay pots. Among the three (3) types of Ngapi, Ngapi Yecho is the most pungent type.

Ndole refers to one of the Cameroon special foods and is a popular dish of the south. The chief ingredients of Ndole are bitterleaf, melon seeds, peanuts, fish or meat. Cooked in oil and flavored by different spices, Ndole, is one of the favorite Cameroon foods.

Nantua is a name given to dishes containing crayfish. This includes crayfish tails and sauces made with a crayfish fumet .

Navarin refers to a French stew made with mutton or lamb and onions, turnips, potatoes, and herbs.

Nasi Ulam refers to one of Indonesia's rice dishes made with rice with vegetables and peanut sauce .