Glossary N

The food glossary +++ 'Nilagang mais', 'Nata de Coco', 'Naejangtang'
Nougat de Montelimar refers to French nougat which is made from almonds, pistachios, honey and egg whites. It is soft, chewy, sticky and rich with nutty flavor. French nougat candy has its origins in the Orient many thousands of years ago when honey and nuts were first combined and France has been making its own version for many hundreds of years. In the 17th century, near Montelimar in the south of France, Olivier de Serres began growing almond trees and using the nuts along with honey to make his nougat which is now called Nougat de Montelimar . Over the years, the recipe for the candy changed to include egg whites to make this nougat candy more airy and light. These days the Nougat de Montelimar is sanctioned by an AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlee) - a product that marks itself with the appellation must contain a minimum of 30 percent almonds or 28 percent almonds and 2 percent pistachios and 25 percent honey. This French candy is featured as one of the thirteen (13) desserts at Christmas eve celebrations in Provence, but it is available all year round in southern France.

Nyárs is the Hungarian word for "skewer" which is most usually used by the Hungarians to roast meat, like Szalonna over an open fire. Szalonnasütés refers to roasting Bacon and Szalonna means bacon in Hungarian (Hungary)

Nouilles de japonais is the French term for "Japanese noodles. Japanese noodles include Udon, Soba and Somen, however, Nouilles de japonais usually refers to Somen, a Japanese very fine and whire noodles made from wheat flour.

Nabulsi refers to a semi-soft unripened cheese , with a mild, exotic, but quite salty flavor. Nabulsi was originally made with sheep milk, but with the increasing demand cow's milk is mow used to make Nabulsi. Nabulsi can be eaten fresh, grilled, or fried in oil. It can be used to make of desserts such as Knafe, a traditional dessert from Lebanon. To remove its salty taste, Nabulsi can be soaked in cold water until the salt content has reached the desired level. Nabulsi was originally made in the city of Nablus or Nabulus, Nabuls in CisJordania, Palestine. This city it is located north of Jerusalem. Nablus is one of the oldest cities of the world.

Nankhatai refer to popular Indian short bread cookies/biscuits which is made from gram flour, ghee , sugar and yogurt. Nankhatai is an eggless light and crispy biscuit which is an all time favorite tea time snacks with tea or coffee. It can also be serve anytime as sweets/desserts and it is always available in most bakery shops. Nankhatai is usually made for Diwala festival in India.

Nata de Coco refers to a sweet made by growing a culture on coconut water. Nata de Coco can be eaten as is with crushed ice and as an ingredient for Halo-Halo , one of the most popular Filipino dessert. It can be both in bottles in most of Filipino groceries. In Germany, Nata de Coco is called Kokosnuss Gel and available in bottles, specifically in Asian stores and groceries with Asian foods section around the country.