Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Sitaw', 'Sampinit', 'Sinigang'
Simsim is an Egyptian word for sesame seeds.

Soubya is an Egyptian mealtime beverage made from fermented rice.

Seitan is referring to a chewy, meatlike, high-protein food made from boiled or baked wheat gluten.

Sayadia refers to a classic Egyptian fish dish prepared by browning a blend of curry seasonings in oil then pouring over fillets or whole fish in a pan.

Saddled bream refers to a delicious, rather oily fish, with a wide body, ranging in colour from silver to blue-black. At the point where the Body joins the tail there is a black band

Shrikhand refers to a semi-solid, sweet-tangy fermented dairy dessert, it combines the nutritive value of fermented milk products