Glossary S

The food glossary +++ 'Sitaw', 'Sampinit', 'Sinigang'
- Soguk / So?uk :

Soguk or So?uk is the Turkish word for "cold", referring to cold dishes, salads, beverages, etc., as in cold starters which is So?uk Meze  and cold beverages which is So?uk Içecekler in Turkish.

Sprat refers to a small fatty European edible fish. It usually smoked and canned like sardines. Smoked sprat is available in Germany, packed in containers. It is very delicious and

Soubise is the French term which means "with pureed onions", pertaining to dishes with pureed onions.

Examples of French dishes with Soubise are: Côtelettes d'agneau Soubise, Alose à la Soubise among others.

Stachelbeeren is a German word for gooseberries.

Semmelknödel is a German word which means bread dumpling.

- Sorrel (Drink) :

Sorrel refers to one of the popular homemade drinks in Guyana made from a leafy vegetable used in salads, and ginger beer from the ginger root