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Sadza refers to Zimbabwe's stiff porridge or dumpling common all over sub-Saharan Africa.

Sacher Torte is a German term meaning a rich chocolate cake. Likewise , Sacher Torte is a moist chocolate cake with a filling of apricot jam which is hidden underneath the chocolate topping. It is usually served with whipped cream.

Some patisserie in Austria claimed that they Bake Sacher Torte using the original recipe, but it was Hotel Sacher which was granted by the Austrian authorities the claim for "original Sacher Torte".

Sarmale is a spicy Romanian dish of cabbage leaves stuffed with meat. Sarmale is made from minced meat, rice, onions and spices which are mixed together and then rolled into grape or cabbage leaves and then cooked in hot water for a couple of hours.

San Juk Guen which is also known as Bean curd skin rolls are very thin wrapper made of dried bean curd, rolled around a meat filling into a cylindrical shape. The roll is deep-fried,

- Soguk / So?uk :

Soguk or So?uk is the Turkish word for "cold", referring to cold dishes, salads, beverages, etc., as in cold starters which is So?uk Meze and cold beverages which is So?uk Içecekler in Turkish.

Sprat refers to a small fatty European edible fish. It usually smoked and canned like sardines. Smoked sprat is available in Germany, packed in containers. It is very delicious and

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