Glossary U

The food glossary +++ 'Urbain François Dubois', 'Uruli', 'Umutsima'
Ulang (ustacidae) is a Filipino word for crayfish. It also refers to giant freshwater prawn (macrobrachium rosenbergii)

Udon noodles refers to a wWhite wheat flour noodles used in Japanese and Vietnamese cooking. They may be round or flat. Udon noodles is cook in boiling water or Miso soup before used

Ubod refers to a Filipino term which means the core of the coconut palm or the heart of palm.

Ukoy is a Filipino vegetable patty , of mixed vegetables, or of flour and vegetables; a variation is a combination of shrimps, tofu, and vegetable patty

Upo (lagenaria leucantha) is a Filipino word for bottle gourd. Mostly cut into small cubes, then sauteed with some meat or shrimps tomake a Ginisang Upo.

Uraro or arrowroot cookies is a Filipino delicacy which are made from first class high fiber Extract of arrowroot: a herbaceous plant which are organically grown in the fertile lands