Glossary U

The food glossary +++ 'Urbain François Dubois', 'Uruli', 'Umutsima'
Unsweetened chocolate refers to chocolate with no added sugar.

Ubas is a Filipino word for grapes

Umeboshi plum paste refers to a condiment made from Japanese sour plums that are salted, sun-dried and aged.

Umeboshi plum vinegar refers to a mild Japanese vinegar made from Umeboshi plums.

Umeboshi is pronounced "oo-meh-boh-she

Upside-down cake is generally made by first covering the bottom of the baking Pan with butter, sugar, and arranged fruit . A cake Batter is then poured over the fruit.

Unleavened bread refers to a kind of bread that is made without the rising action of yeast. Flat breads are mostly unleavened bread or is an example of this kind of bread