Glossary U

The food glossary +++ 'Uruli', 'Unagiya / Unagi Ya', 'Upma'
Umrühren is a German word which means " to stir", for example to stir the sauce when cooking or preparing it by passing a stirrer, or a whisk through a sauce or liquid in circular motions so as to mix or cool the contents

Urwarwa refers to local alcoholic drink of Rwanda that is brewed from plantains or bananas
Other definition:
Urwarwa refers to a homemade banana wine drunk during celebrations in Burundi.

Umutsima refers to a common Rwanda dish made of cassava and corn

une tranche is a French word which means "a slice"

un déjeuner is a French term which means "a lunch"

un micro-ondes is a French word which means "a microwave"