Glossary U

The food glossary +++ 'Uruli', 'Unagiya / Unagi Ya', 'Upma'
Ueong is the Korean word for "burdock" . It is called Gobo in Japan. It is used in Korea as in Japan and other countries for culinary purposes. An example of food made of Burdock is Ueong-jorim (Glazed Burdock) made from burdock simmered in soy sauce , sesame oil, and sugar until glazed and garnished with sesame seeds and red chili pepper threads

Under Blade Roast refers to teh cut of meat which is directly below the shoulder blade hence, it is sold by the name "Under Blade Roast". Under Blade Roast also known by the following names: Bottom Chuck Roast or California Roast

Unagiya is the Japanese term which means "Eel Restaurant". It is a Japanese specialty restaurant serving only Unagi . Unagi is a Japanese word for eel and the Japanese eels are frequently used in Japanese dishes.

Uppu is the Malayalam term for "Salt". 

Malayalam is the language spoken mainly in the southern Indian state of Kerala by about 38 million people.



Unajuu refers to Japanese dish of boiled rice topped with grilled eel which is dipped in a special sauce .

Umeboshi is the Japanese for "Pickled Plum ". Like Takuan or Pickled Daikon, Umeboshi is available in many different varieties.